Application   Avigilon CCTV System
System type   CCTV Upgrade with remote CCTV monitoring
Location   London

Southwark Academy is a vibrant, dynamic and forward-thinking learning community situated close to the city centre. The Academy previously had an analogue CCTV system, which was in urgent need of an upgrade, due to the age and overall quality of the system. More so, strict guidelines from Ofsted around safeguarding students and staff meant the Academy needed to ensure their security solution was dependable and could provide the level of surveillance they needed to help identify problems around the school.

The Problem
The previous system could no longer offer the level of security and surveillance the Academy required. The incumbent maintainers had gone into administration, meaning that all of the Digital Video Recorders (DVR) were not being maintained. More so, two of the DVR’s had developed faults, compromising the use of the system to protect the site accordingly, which put the premises at significant risk.

The Academy identified that they needed a system with remote CCTV monitoring to ensure that the site is fully protected during out of hours’ operations. The previous solution didn’t offer the option for the Academy to be monitored offsite, as the system used Video Motion Detection (VMD) where the detection of movement often generates significant false alarms. Anything from a snow flake across the camera to a spider’s web may trigger an alarm, sending alerts as though an intruder was on the premises. Due to the strict regulations of CCTV monitoring today, Central Stations would not offer remote monitoring to those who still use VMD, due to the amount of false alarms triggered.

The Solution
As an Avigilon partner VVSEC opted to install a high capacity server that can record both analogue and IP CCTV cameras. All of the existing 60 CCTV analogue cameras were migrated over to the new server using Avigilon encoders. Through installing the Avigilon server, the system has become fully futureproof and scalable, meaning the Academy can add new CCTV cameras as and when their budgets allow, whilst still keeping some analogue cameras where they felt necessary. The solution will now be able to run HD CCTV and UHD CCTV cameras through the same server.

As The Academy required offsite CCTV monitoring, VVSEC installed two Avigilon analytic encoders. The analogue cameras are now using intelligent video analytic software to successfully identify an intruder or threat during out of hours operations. Video analytics software can understand different behaviours and create an alarm on a user-defined rules. The software can recognise specific objects and mark them as “car” or “human” or you can even set up a rule that recognises a “person moving from vehicle to vehicle in a car park” to alert the monitoring station of a potential intruder on the premises.