Distribution Warehouse Deploys Fully Integrated Security System

Application   Integrated Security System
System type   Access Control, CCTV, Remote Monitoring, Intercom
Location   London

Our client specialise in the distribution and sales of men’s clothing both online and offline in the UK, selling anything from well-known designer brands, to smaller concession brands. Following a recent capital investment, the client was to consolidate their existing three buildings and move to one large site based in Wythenshawe, Manchester; this was to act as the main distribution centre and office site in the UK.

When the new 40,000 square foot site was identified, the site was lacking in security both externally and internally. During consultation with VVSEC, it was identified that the site needed an integrated security solution that was intelligent, innovative and could provide the level of security management for both a warehouse and office environment. The solution needed to satisfy the expectations of their insurers whilst also meeting the needs of their own internal risk assessment. The new system needed to protect the site from intruders breaking entry, deter internal and external theft, securely manage deliveries and people coming in and out of the site.

Following a comprehensive brief, VVSEC identified that the perimeter needed to be secured and monitored at all times and opted to install a perimeter detection system incorporating VVSEC HD CCTV cameras with adaptive analytic detection to provide a high level of configurable and reliable detection.

Video analytics combined with offsite monitoring means the site and perimeter will be monitored during out of hours operations. The intelligent CCTV analytics will detect a potential unauthorised person or intruder and route this to the screen of an out of hour’s operator. At this point the operator can communicate with the intruder in attempt to deter them, whilst tracking their every move and alert a Police response where necessary.
HD CCTV system was also installed throughout the whole of the warehouse, offices and goods entrance to help keep staff safe and monitor goods in and out closely. In terms of securely managing deliveries and personnel into the building, VVSEC designed an electronic gate automation system to the main entrance to monitor visitors and deliveries in and out, 24 hours a day. Each member of staff has been allocated their own proximity token which provides access to all areas they require, but also restricts them from prohibited areas. This will also avoid unauthorised personnel entering the premises at all times.

Visitors to the site are managed through the audio based intercom where they can be granted access into the building by members of staff. The system has been designed as a full integrated security solution, which works intelligently alongside one and other, to ensure that the client has the best security possible to their site.