Hospital Upgrades CCTV with Avigilons 7K UHD Camera

Application   Avigilon 7K Pro Camera
System type   IP CCTV
Location   Swindon

Our client is a hospital based in Swindon and provides healthcare within hospital and the community to 258,000 people across South West. The care includes adults’ and children’s accident and emergency services, intensive care and a range of medical and surgical specialities. An intelligent, high end security plan must be at the forefront of thinking for the hospital to ensure that patients and visitors are protected at all times.

The Challenge
The premises experience a high volume of visitors, staff and patients to the hospital and car parks. The client therefore needed to ensure that visitors were protected whilst using the large campus, car park and other areas of the site.

The hospital had six analogue cameras that covered the main car park; each camera was situated on towers requiring maintenance, full powered access and mains power. The dated technology meant that each PTZ dome was only able to look at one position at any one time. The quality and clarity of the images captured meant that the footage could no longer be of use due to its degrading quality.

More so, each camera required the assistance and control of a security operator in order to maximise the usability; this heavily impacted on staff time spent using the system. The hospital therefore needed a system that helped reduce staff overhead, streamline processes and help improve the security of the site through high image quality.

The Solution

After extensive planning, client consultation and system design VVSEC identified that Avigilon’s latest 7K (30mp) camera technology would be the best fit for this project. This camera allows the client to have full, detailed coverage of the car park, using only one camera, at any given time. High resolution imaging from this camera provides clear, sharp Ultra HD images to maximize situational awareness over a larger area, whilst at the same time, enabling detailed image capture to zoom in on critical objects such as faces or license plates.

The intelligent system design put forward by VVSEC means that the client has saved a considerable amount of money when compared to their previous system. VVSEC’s technical design enabled six cameras to be replaced with just one, this has generated a reduction in servicing costs, significantly reduced power consumption whilst covering the whole of the car park area at all times. The camera has streamlined operator resource by removing the need for the operator to drive the camera to the pre-set positions.

One other major benefit for the hospital is that the Avigilon camera contains light capture technology; this provides a full colour image in very low light levels. The inbuilt light capture technology has reduced the need for having additional white lighting and lighting around the car park, saving on costs, and removes the needs for additional infrared lighting, when compared to the previous system. Better evidence by using a colour image at night will result in long term cost savings for the hospital along with helping to streamline and save on security operator resource.

VVSEC also commissioned a full Avigilon upgrade to the existing system, encoding the existing analogue cameras, to allow these cameras to work seamlessly alongside the new Avilgon 30mp camera and software. The customer has therefore saved a considerable amount of money by not having to upgrade all cameras at once. The solution is now completely futureproof and the client will be able to add as many HD cameras to the system, as and when budgets allow.